How to register a new company?

Are you a transport company?

Is your operation connected with transport? Visible 24 hours a day, every day, in every country in Europe and elsewhere. Your advertisement – the presentation can be done in one or more languages (for example 2 or 3 languages of your own choice). You can decide between 21 languages.

Registering a new company:

Step 1 - register – complete the form

Step 2 – you will receive a link to the email you have entered at your registration. You can confirm your registration by clicking on the received link. By entering your user name and password, you can then log in the portal site at any time and independently add and edit your advertisements.

Step 3 – posting your main advertisements. You can post one or more advertisements. Start posting your advertisement by clicking the blue Add Advertisment button (the button is only visible when you are logged in the portal site). Choose the type of transport/service where you wish to post your advertisement, enter the content of your advertisement (in one or more languages). Finally, you can add up to 7 images.

Companies from 49 countries in Europe, Balkans and Russia can register and advertise their services on the portal sites. 

What is important for individual advertisements?

Quality content, a clear presentation of your business/services, quality images. In this way, the person searching for your services can get quick, simple and important information about your company.

How much does advertising or services by the portal site cost?            
The portal site is a novelty. All services are free of charge during the first year.


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